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Copy and Paste Data Entry Job

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Job description:

It is our job to give you data-entry content for our client websites. Your job is to make sure the content gets published on the data-entry websites. In return, you will earn Rs.5/- for every piece of content posted. You can work at any given time, using the tools and the list of posting websites available in the member area. You don't need to have a website or any pre-experience in order to take part in this. Jus log in to your account, copy the content from the tool section, paste it on a data-entry website and then wait for only a couple of minutes for your data to be published. In addition to your data-entry earnings, you will also be awarded visitor and registration stimuli.

Earn Rs.200/- for bringing people to our website (additional earnings)

Earn as much as Rs.3/- for every data entry executed by your friend (additional earnings)

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Make profit doing online tasks:

Make extra profit by performing tasks along with data entries. Get paid from Rs.1/- to R.500/- for doing daily tasks on our website. All you have to do is log in to our website, pick the task to your liking, bring it to an end and get money in return.

  • Make profit on a daily basis via Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order or Paytm.
  • Change your profile and payment options at any given time.

How long do I have to wait for the payment?
You may pick up your earnings one time a day, once your account balance gets to be Rs.3000/-

How do I pick up the payments?
You can pick up your payments through Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order or Paytm.

Do I have to make sales or accumulate visitors in order to make profit?
No! Even if your ad doesn't produce any results in terms of sales and visitors, you'll still receive money for having posted the ad.

Is there a difference between online tasks and data-entry work?
Yes, there is! However, you can engage in both on our website.

What sort of online tasks will I be encountering?
You will be given tasks in the form of writing, reading, answering easy questions, filling forms etc.

How long do I need to bring a task to an end?
Many of the tasks you can finish within 1 or 2 minutes. There are exceptions which require 5 minutes of your time.

How many assignments will I have on a daily basis?
As many as you want! The available tasks can be found in the member area. All you need to do is select the task(s) in accordance with your preferences, complete them and pick up your money.

If I've got a friend who wants to join, may I refer them to the website, and will I make any money off it?
Feel free to bring your friends to our website as you will get Rs.200/- for each of them, and Rs.3/- for every data entry performed by them.